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re asking my question. as im worried it got buried 🙂 im trying to setup my development workflow where im able to eval parts of my project into the repl from emacs via cider. the project im working on starts a repl via figwheel. in looking at the figwheel docs i assume i should add an option to my project .clj for nrepl and then connect to it on that port. basically i added fighweel {:nrepl-port 7888} to my project.clj then ran lein fighweel then cider connect clojurescript localhost 7888. i evaled something simple (+ 1 1) and it was successful. however when i evaled my namespaces requires e.g (ns blah (:require .... i got java.lang.illegalaccesserror: read-string does not exist which hints to me that i didnt set something up correctly. im also confused about an error about java read-string as i connected via clojurescript


are you sure port 7888 is the correct port?


this is showing some similar issue and that there are two ports in play


also, since you are running lein figwheel can you try requireing your namespace from there and seeing if works without any CIDER mechanisms in play?


> this is more internal discussion and not a “observed problem” -> “solution”. I think the solution is to kill the buffer which kills the buffer-local cached value


@dpsutton Thanks for looking into this. I’m not on the fence about solving this: • I can completely remove the caching • perhaps it’s best to split clojure-find-ns into two commands - one that looks up the form itself and one that simply returns the ns of the current buffer • alternatively this caching can be moved only to the indentation code in cider And in general - probably those side-effect relying bits of the code should be changed.


im trying to trouble shoot the issue i mention above, in doing so im following along with some videos by lambda island, long story short they suggest that you change your cider default cljs repl when using figwheel and piggieback. unfortunately, unlike in the video, i dont get figwheel as an option when i run customize variable > cider-defaul-cljs repl. i tried typing in "Figwheel-repl" (dont recall the exact spelling). and that didnt work. any suggestions on how im supposed to set this var to use figwheel?


picture for reference


i guess ill set it via .dir-locals.el


i should probably get off cider 1.18.0-snapshot right? and on to something more stable.


you could try. but your issue doesn't sound related to any new changes