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FYI: do not upgrade to latest sesman, because it is broken


@drewverlee I use counsel-projectile-rg

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latest sesman from MELPA fixed the problem mentioned above


does cider-nrepl's ^:source-dep always override the version of artifacts in the classpath? I want to try using a different version of tools.namespace, and I'm seeing some weird behaviour where the clojure compiler says I have a missing var :thinking_face:


nevermind I think i know what's wrong -- my classpath was calculcated incorrectly because my non-canonicial fork has a different name (so both jars were loaded, an older one and a newer one)


so i added fighweel {:nrepl-port 7888} to my project.clj then ran lein fighweel then cider connect localhost 7888. i evaled something simple (+ 1 1) and it was successful. however when i evaled my namespaces requires i got java.lang.illegalaccesserror: read-string does not exist which hints to me that i didnt set something up correctly.