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@vxe This was extracted to orchard a while ago. orchard is a dependency of cider-nrepl.

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@tsulej I’ve mentioned somewhere in the README that you should ignore the version mismatch and add a dependency to cider-nrepl 0.19-SNAPSHOT somewhere (e.g. in your :dev profile).


> The other problem is when I stop nrepl from terminal (cygwin) with ctrl-c, nrepl exits to terminal but java process is left. This is not happen with lein repl (edited)


I didn’t really fret on this much - I implemented lein nrepl as simple as possible. The lein repl is pretty complex by comparison, so maybe it does something special to address this on Windows.


Generally I hope that at some point someone will just merge the patch for nREPL 0.4 upstream in leiningen and the additional plugin will not be necessary. Unfortunately things are happening pretty slow upstream.


> another issue: when I create new clj file (beeing connected to nrepl 0.2.12) sometimes I get namespace not found message. c-c c-k works fine, but c-x e not. I have to close file and load again to get things working. I can’t find conditions to reproduce this, but I get this bug quite often.


I can’t imagine how something like this can happen. I’ve never encountered such a problem. If you find a way to reproduce it, please report it upstream.


> and last one: how to force cider to reuse repl buffer when I reconnect? Currently cider-connect-clj creates new one, previously I was getting a question if I wanted reuse or not.


This was removed in 0.18 and it’s no longer possible. I recall Vitalie felt it made the code much more complex than it needed to be. Feel free to file a ticket to discuss what we can do to address this.


thx a lot, when I reproduce namespace not found bug I'll file a ticket


I read once a very nice guide on the cider middlewares...expecially regarding piggieback and JS eval. I would like to read it again because I am thinking of adding completion for JS requires/objects. Does somebody remember or has one I can look at?


@bozhidar > As for custom ClojureScript REPLs everything one needs to know is documented here. The doc you link has a "Using the Figwheel REPL (Leiningen-only)" section, but apparently nothing on figwheel-main. Yet when I try and launch / connect to a cljs REPL in 0.18.0-snapshot, figwheel-main is one of the REPL types offered. Is that supported?


when I try and actually use it, I get prompted for a build name (`dev` in my case) and then I get this exception: "Unable to resolve symbol: dev in this context"


ha, it seems it expects a keyword (i.e., :dev works)