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Hi, I encountering a problem with cider-eval-last-sexp-and-replace. I am using : cider 0.18.0snapshot GNU Emacs 26.1 Spacemacs Release 0.200.13.x and when I cider-eval-last-sexp-and-replace the sexp is executed twice (the sexp has some side effects which are amqp operations using langohr concerning with connecting to a local rabbitmq docker instance). Is it a bug with cider (If it is, then I assume it must have been issued by now but could not find anything on its github) or it may be due to some configuration problem ? Thanks


@ghopper Likely a regression from some recent changes. Please, file a ticket for this.

Garrett Hopper14:07:48

Will do :thumbsup: Thanks


@ho0man First time I hear of such problem. You can check exactly what’s being evaluated in the *nrepl-messages ...* buffer (provided you’ve enabled it). Feel free to file a ticket for this.


Thanks, will do.


The problem does not appear when I use other modes of eval, though.


If I recall eval-and-replace does the same eval as everything else. Don’t have time to check this now, though.


just tried lein nrepl and connected from latest Cider which complains:

WARNING: CIDER's version (0.18.0-snapshot) does not match cider-nrepl's version (nil). Things will break!
         More information.
WARNING: clj-refactor and refactor-nrepl are out of sync.
Their versions are 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT (package: 20180708.57) and n/a, respectively.
You can mute this warning by changing cljr-suppress-middleware-warnings.
The other problem is when I stop nrepl from terminal (cygwin) with ctrl-c, nrepl exits to terminal but java process is left. This is not happen with lein repl


another issue I have, when connecting with cider-connect-clj there is no default localhost. localhost was available in the past


another issue: when I create new clj file (beeing connected to nrepl 0.2.12) sometimes I get namespace not found message. c-c c-k works fine, but c-x e not. I have to close file and load again to get things working. I can't find conditions to reproduce this, but I get this bug quite often.


and last one: how to force cider to reuse repl buffer when I reconnect? Currently cider-connect-clj creates new one, previously I was getting a question if I wanted reuse or not.


is still a thing, or are statements like this now meaningless: (require '[ :as parser]) ?