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just made a PR to make CIDER feel a bit more like the way cursive inserts and evals forms in the repl. Probably most useful for comment blocks. But put the cider-insert-X-into-repl commands into their own map so they are easier to invoke. Previously it required a prefix arg to cause the repl to evaluate it by default so there's a new defcustom to make it eval by default. It also used to move the cursor to the repl which isn't always what I would want so there's a defcustom to not do that. comments and thoughts welcome!


@tbaldridge i think you might be interested in this because it seems to be the way you like to work. I was watching your JIT videos and I've seen your others in the past. Make it easy to send forms to the repl and show the form and the result


@dpsutton Nicely done! If you want to tackle something similar - you can take a look at and put the format code/edn stuff into their own keymap as well.


@dpsutton lovely, thanks for the PR. Already using it. 🙂


Hi All, Is there a way to load new dependencies into an existing cider-nrepl without using cider-restart?


@p4v4n clj-refactor adds such functionality.


Eventually we plan to have this in CIDER itself, but we don’t have any concrete timetable on this.


Using something like pomegranate should make this easy (hopefully).


Thanks @bozhidar cljr-add-project-dependency is exactly what i needed.


Curiosity question: At some point between cider(-nrepl) 0.12 and 0.17 it looks like print-length was defaulted to 100. When did that happen?