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Probably we do 🙂 But I really think the big fun is going to be


It will be fine I think. You have to convince people to migrate, but it's truly that, a migration. People can continue to use the contrib package, and use the old ns, or they switch to cemerick nREPL, and follow whatever goes on there.


Yeah, that’s right. But I’m really hoping to get buy-in for the new package from lein and boot, as otherwise it’d be painful to roll it out to a broader audience.


That'll come once there's sufficient reason for it: cider depends on it, killer feature, etc. Then the convincing will be easy. If the only migration is sed 's/' then I think we will be fine.


Yeah, that’s the plan. I plan to speak with @cemerick in a couple of weeks when supposedly I’ll be less busy about finally making this migration a reality and focusing on fixing stuff afterwards, which is what’s exciting for me.


Hey, I've recently switched to java-10-openjdk, and I noticed that it breaks cider-jack-in-clojurescript saying that clojurescript is not available. I suspect that cider-library-present-p no longer works, since I am fully able to manually start figwheel and connect via sidecar. Is anyone else using java 10, and if so are you experiencing this as well?


Is it saying clojurescript is not available or piggieback? There was some dependency stuff yesterday that caused some errors


Maybe on the JDK 10 the classpath middleware is not working properly? That’s how we check if some library is present or not.


I recall on Java 9 there were some problems with the underlying clojure.classpath library.


@bozhidar what does cider use the classpath middleware for, generally speaking?


How the heck do I switch the active nREPL connection in CIDER?


@arrdem in cljc? or is it not remembering the correct clojure buffer between projects?


i use a better dispatch than cider which remembers the last repl you were in:


@dpsutton my use case is a bit weird - I’ve got one project and several nREPL connections to remote instances in an environment.


ah same project?


check out cider-toggle-buffer-connection to see how you can shadow / cycle them


but the short version is you shadow cider-connections in the buffer so that it only sees the one you want



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Worked around by just writing a shell script around lein repl :connect since I’m just doing some batchy stuff by hand.