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Indeed! :thumbsup:


Btw, I’ve added a couple of small things to address running custom cljs repls: * there’s now a custom type that will just prompt you for the form to invoke to start the repl * there’s now a function (`cider-register-cljs-repl-type`) that you can use in your init.el (or whatever) to add new repl types permanently.


so i'm finding that when i attach CIDER to a repl running in a terminal with cider-connectthat my timbre logging stops being printed on the terminal and starts being appended to the emacs repl buffer


has anyone figured out how to stop this happening - i'd like it to carry on being printed to the terminal but not the emacs repl buffer


Yeah, that’s a known problem that’s easy to fix, but for some reason we haven’t fixed yet.


Basically this patch has to be finished. In its current form it will solve your problem, but I want to make this behaviour something that can be dynamically controlled from CIDER, as opposed to hardcoded.


The changes are really easy, unfortunately I’m crazy busy.


np - it's been bugging me for ages and i only just got to querying what's going on after i killed emacs... waiting a while longer for a solution won't do me any harm 🙂