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Karol Wójcik18:02:29

Hello what is a status of cider? Will it be abandoned in favour of inf-clojure?


Hey all, is there a way in cider to evaluate-last-sexp, but keep the result as a comment in the source file? I'm working through the examples in a book, and it'd be great to see results right next to the examples as I run them.

Karol Wójcik18:02:14

Well the output should stay as it is as long as you don't type anything

Karol Wójcik18:02:52

If you want to create a comment you should probably write your own emacs-lisp funciton

Karol Wójcik18:02:28

Is not hard since the output of the evaluation is in the messages buffer


@kwcharllie379 I found the command: C-c M-x: cider-eval-defun-to-comment 🙂


There are also pretty-print versions of those “eval to comment” functions.


I've seen a few other Clojurists do this in videos, so I imagined it was a built-in

Karol Wójcik18:02:24

I am asking about cider because I do not know whether is worth switching to the inf-clojure. The main benefit for me is that the inf-clojure has integrated lumo REPL. Is there a plan to allow cider use lumo?


I think they target different use cases: - cider is action-packed batteries-included environment for exploring clojure code that needs support through middleware to get all the amazing features - inf-clojure is minimalistic (moving text between stdin/out) and easier to work in all the clojure/clojurescript environments As for integrating into cider, i'll leave that to someone else to answer, b/c i don't have context.

Karol Wójcik21:02:34

Is there is something in cider which inf-clojure lacks of?


I can answer that, inf-clojure will never be as feature packed as cider but my goal would be one day to have it very configurable so that you can basically hook any library/custom elisp for achieving what you wish. Of course things like completion will be provided (I have a patch for compliment but I need to refine it).


Well it is already very configurable and compliment is basically just a thin wrapper of elisp on top of what the lib returns


I took most of the code of course from cider but the original idea was to use cider functions directly


@kwcharllie379 the lumo repl is a simple socket repl so when cider will support socket repls it will be basically the same.


When that happens I think I will switch to cider as well :) however I still feel inf-clojure gives me more control over the editor so ... dunno


From what I've seen inf-clojure adds emacs bindings to common operations but essentially everything is just a straight command to the repl itself. Cider has code running in nrepl that allows it to do more than what you can do through just interacting with a bare repl


I really like that notion. (of inf clojure)