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@qq yeah, it doesn’t


it’s quite unexpected to me, I’d started writing code in Clojure (with the Clojurescript transition in mind) and cider provides the very useful way of writing, repl, and tests iteration. 😞


sorry, there is no refunds for this product 😞


I get your hilarity 😄, still tinkering with lein and lein-doo, hope to see the light cljs


Well, it’s just a matter of someone making it possible to do so. As clojure.test exists for cljs I’m assuming that the changes to the test running middleware should not be significant.


As I’ve told many people in the early days of the project when I had a lot of time, cljs was not really a thing, and by the time it became a thing my ability to work on big features was greatly reduced due to significantly more time-consuming work. It’s a pity no one has stepped up in quite a while to work on the missing cljs features. 😞 Much of what we have was hacked by @cichli and @gtrak, but unfortunately they haven’t been active on CIDER in a couple of years now.


I haven't really done clojure in years either. But quick fixes are probably possible. Some things like the debugger seemed way harder.


Last time I tried cljs, it seemed like it was all still overly complicated. Not sure how we can expect tooling to be easy to build on top of that.


Eg figwheel is nice but also complex.


Is there some way of predicting whether C-x 4 C-o will change the buffer displayed in the current window vs. another window?