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@bozhidar Maybe some of the cider contributions can go towards a paid TravisCI plan. I'd expect there'd be greater reliability and increased parallelism. Haven't investigated what's possible; perhaps @gonewest818 would have a better 💡?


That’s an option, but I’m not sure that this latest failure has anything with Travis, though. Generally I know virtually nothing about the advantages of the paid Travis plans as I’ve never used/needed them.


CircleCI offers more parallelism w/ paid plans; I'm not sure whether Travis does. In any case, that job passed:, but maybe another one'll fail. The non-determinism is annoying.


> The non-determinism is annoying.


You don’t say. 🙂 I re-ran this 3 times before posting the comment on the ticket… I guess you have the magic touch.


Anyways, I’ve merged the first version of our new integrated profiler. Big thanks to @jmayaalv who worked on this. We should polish the UI a bit before releasing this, but we’re off to a good start!


Thanks to you guys!


This is cool, gonna have to integrate this into my own toolset now 😄


@xiongtx aren’t you in SF somewhere? Running CI jobs at 🕑?


As for subscriptions, I think that gets you priority support from Travis and perhaps a segregated set of infrastructure but I haven’t seen anything to indicate the feature set is any different behind the velvet rope.


I did recently (and for the first time) use Circle CI in relation to a pull request for cloverage because that project runs both services side by side.


The free CircleCI plan is a single builder at a time and there’s cap on usage per month. Adding money gets you more. But Circle CI tasks are “true” docker containers you can specify rather than the 10GB behemoth container Travis CI uses. Jobs are more configurable and launch directly into your test script without spending time in “before_install” “”install” “after_install” “before_script” etc


So that thing we do with libnettle and gnutls-clj would just be container config in Circle CI.


Before working with Circle CI I mistakenly estimated required build time per month based on the duration Travis CI jobs, but that isn’t the right comparison.


Circle CI ought to be more efficient, spending majority of the time on your tests rather than on environment setup.


@gonewest818 do you know of a way to estimate a year of Circle CI costs?


> We offer a total of four free linux containers ($2400 annual value) for open-source projects. Simply keeping your project public will enable this for you! > We also offer the Seed plan free for OS X open-source projects. Contact us at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> for access. If you are building a bigger open-source project and need more resources, let us know how we can help you!


I suppose it’s best to demo the free plan and extrapolate?


Possible 1500 build minutes per month (if that’s the cap for OSS projects, unclear) might still be a problem in spite of what I just said above about efficiency.


if it was about $800 for a year i was gonna look at donating the money but it's quite pricey it seems


but it seems like it could be quite a bit more expensive


That’s generous. I like the people at both companies, by the way, lest any of this comes across as a slanted endorsement.


btw happy to take this discussion over to #devops if channel ops prefer to keep #cider on topic.


@bozhidar Can you tweak cider's configs to allow contributors to request reviewers?


> I think I got it sorted with circleci customer support. A project admin (bbatsov or you) would need to email a request to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> to request an open source discount. @bozhidar From @gonewest818. Let's give CircleCI a try. Perhaps it'll be more reliable than Travis.