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@daveliepmann Yeah, likely that’s the case.


You should check where exactly is the nREPL listening on.


I recall there was some problem with the original fix for this upstream. It was only applied in the new nREPL repo, but there’s still no release from there.


As no one else has reported anything similar, I can only imagine it’s something to do with the setup of your colleague.


you were right! your question helped put us on the right track. all set now with a fixed /etc/hosts file. sorry for the false alarm.


> cider must have one of the highest (net productivity gain of clojure community) / ($s donated) ratios of all time


Feel free to change this - 😉


Done. Thanks for all your work on cider. It’s a huge part of my tooling 👍:skin-tone-5:


You can also donate to CIDER itself: Though I’m not sure what the money is actually used for. @bozhidar Have you cashed out any?


Not yet. I was planning to use them for conference trips or for funding some important features if someone was interested in working on them. Unfortunately the money raised so far are little - something like $2k so far (for about one year).


I’ve noticed that speaking about CIDER at conferences was often getting people excited about it and that even brought up some contributors to the project. And if someone says they’ll implement socket server support or a cljs debugger for 2k I’d be happy to give them the money once this is done. 🙂


:thumbsup: Good idea. But if you want the 💰 to be motivation, you should make this policy clearer. Maybe put something on Bountysource?


Yeah, I was hoping some users would offer bounties themselves - perhaps we should nudge them to do so in the ticket template as well. As for making things clearer - I have so many idea, yet so little time for them. Only love and passion drive CIDER forward. 🙂


Btw, one more time - a big thanks for helping out with so many things lately!


> Shouldn’t CIDER disable undo in the REPL while it’s appending text? I’m getting buffer undo limit warnings from verbose logs (e.g. starting datomic with logback set to DEBUG).


@jfntn File a ticket for this and let’s discuss it there.


@jmayaalv How’s that PR coming along?


@bozhidar didn’t have time this last week. Plan to finish it this weekend.


@gganley what are you trying to do? specify which cljs connector to use? like figwheel, rhino, etc?


yes I was thinking of seeing if digging into cljsbuild -> builds -> compiler -> target would be consistent enough to suggest a switch of REPL backends


In CIDER, is it possible to interact around with the code being evaluated during debug? My emacs windows (code, debug, repl) - visual at I started repl using cider-jack-in and could see that started a repl server at port xyz. So, I sent a form (with breakpoint set) for evaluation, and it appears in debug. so, i then tried to set/interact with the debug window but it didn't do what i wanted (change value of num when debugging for example) I then sent a command from the repl (which I'm guessing was also paused as the repl was using the (now paused) JVM thread.