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How would I go about fixing an issue where cider-test-run-project-tests runs zero assertions, but running lein test runs all of my (11) assertions? Running , classpath in the cider repl yields an empty buffer. cider-load-all-project-ns loads zero namespaces as well


This is with Cider 0.16.0


@callum It’s best to file a ticket on GitHub and add some repro steps there.


@bozhidar: does toptal give you 20% time to work on cider, or is all your cider work still 100% volunteer ?


(if it's off topic, that's a valid response too 🙂 )


100% volunteer. That’s why things are happening relatively slowly - I’ve got many OSS projects and little free time.


I started work on the project prior to joining Toptal, when I had the desire to switch my career from Ruby to Clojure. For good or bad, however, Toptal is mostly a Ruby company therefore my only drive to improve CIDER are the people who actually use it. 🙂


you need to do a CIDER ICO


like other ICOs, the 'investors' will get nothing back, but unlike other ICOs, this will make the world a better place


Yeah, that’d be nice. I have doubts there would be a lot of support for an initiative like this, but I plan to do it eventually if I decide to take some creative leave. Unfortunately most jobs pay a lot better than even successful fundraisers. Magit’s was as good as an Emacs fund-raiser can get I guess and it raised less than an average annual dev salary.


There was something called the million dollar homepage a while back. On startup, you can have cider render a 1000x1000 pixel image ... and charge people $1/month to rent a pixel. 🙂


Btw, today I also added two more new CIDER commands if anyone is interested in checking those out - cider-repl-set-type (to manually change the type of a REPL between Clojure and ClojureScript; Normally this shouldn’t be needed but if the type detecting doesn’t work well for some reason you’ve got the option to use this) and cider-connect-clojurescript (basically a version of cider-connect that sets the new REPL type to cljs once connected).


bohzidar I was wondering whether some of the structural editing commands could be added to clojure-mode instead so that inf-clojure users could use them as well


maybe a clojure-mode-eval-string defcustom could decide what to do with the payload if it needs to be evaluated


(just brainstorming as usual)


we'll have to get emacs to compile with image support


better sell per character on an ascii art image


or start using the “quoutes” shown on jack-in for profit!


this quote brought to you by cognitec !


Too funny. I configured my “repl is connected” quote to be pulled from the website (online store for hobby electronics, embedded micro controllers, wearables, robotics, etc). They’ve always had a nicely curated set of quotes in the footer of their website.


Maybe I should get a sale / affiliate commission for that.


@gonewest818 Cool! Feel welcome to submit some of those to CIDER. I’m always opening to adding more of those, so people don’t get bored with them.


Ok. I was thinking about generalizing the code so that other sites could be easily added. At the end of the day it’s just fetching a URL (or consulting a cached one), parsing, and choosing one at random.