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[i think i found a method that may work: a) copy the entire alpha.clj buffer into a local file b) edit the file to have #break statements as desired c) load the buffer for this edited file w/ cider (after having loaded everything else in my project).


[on the principle that the last version of a particular ns:symbol combo to be loaded "wins"]


@dominicm Just came across randomly and was very amused by


> 1. Only *-nrepl though, of course. The emacs part is just crazy


@bozhidar You caught me! 😉


Funny enough VimScript was the primary reason I switched to Emacs many years ago. (yeah, yeah - I used to be a vim user 😄 ) I simply couldn’t stand this crazy language and I felt much more comfortable extending my editor with Emacs Lisp. Although Emacs Lisp was definitely an acquired taste. 😄