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hi, it seems that the cider debugger can only print locals for the current top (or bottom depending on your view) of the call stack. is there any way to get at the values of locals some frames below (or above) that one?


I don’t think that’s possible right now.


hmm, do you know if it is possible to edit library code (in this case alpha.clj from clojure.spec) to insert a breakpoint at those earlier frames? [the buffer that popped open in emacs after running cider-doc and clicking the link to view source is read-only]. is there another way to edit this library code?


@U0E98NQG2 Why not just use cider-debug-defun-at-point? Moreover, if you want to modify source of 3rd party code, you can navigate to the source, disable read-only mode (e.g. C-x C-q) and then modify source code and re-eval.


Because the function one frame below the one I’m interested in gets called a lot and only under rare circumstances calls the other.


Ah, yes, disabling read-only should work. Thx!