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@dominicm I'd take a look at refactor-nrepl. They likely have something like this that you may be able to adapt.


Based on my survey, Kibit & Eastwood are almost useless integrated within Emacs. Since they can only run when the source code compiles, they can't actually detect compile errors. (Detecting compile errors can also be done with just a normal stacktrace, but it would be nice to get a red squiggle underneath the errors to quickly find the problem, rather than searching the stacktrace.) Sure they provide some nice static analysis hints and tips, but hardly much that needs to run after every change/save. As such, cored.typed seems like the only useful linter (of the three) to be integrated within Emacs. What do you guys think?


Kibit can be run on piped in code, it's a limitation of squiggly clojure that it does not provide the buffer to kibit


There is other tools outside out of cider which can have the buffer piped


Thanks though, that's nice to know.


@decoursin I put in a lot of effort getting it to work with


If i was an elisp pro, I'd wip out integration with it.


I'm not though lol


Here was my attempt at adding dump-jump-go to work with right mouse click: