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When my cider repl hits about 8000 lines of output, the interaction slows to a crawl. Even if I enter a simple expression at the prompt like "1", it takes a minute to return the output. Is there a trick to preventing this slowdown?


Actually, it seems to slow down as soon as something large is printed.


I saw slowdowns in the repl with very long lines of output, but in your emacs init.el you can (setq cider-repl-use-pretty-printing ‘t) and then you won’t have those excessively long lines.


Does that variable cause it to truncate it, or just not show it?


It causes the output to be pretty-printed, which results in output broken into many short lines instead of one massive line. In my experience that helps a lot.


You can also look at the clojure variables *print-length* and *print-level* to control output in the repl.


Hey guys, CIDER pulls up REPL nicely in regular Emacs gui, but does seem to have an issue in iTerm/Terminal, it’s just stuck with “Starting REPL message”. Any ideas?