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Is there a way to browse one’s own project’s ClojureScript specs? I tried cider-browse-spec/`cider-browse-spec-all` but I’m only able to see the core ones and not project specific?


Could it be that it’s only supported for Clojure and not ClojureScript?


Separate question, is there a way to get the output from cider-doc to be displayed in a pos-tip tooltip instead of a separate buffer?


Took the time to create my own fn for the tooltip docs, enjoy 😄 :

(defun my-cider-describe-function ()
  "Display the full cider documentation of the function at point in tooltip."
  (let ((err-msg "** Could not find function **")
        (function (cider-symbol-at-point)))
    (if (null function)
        (pos-tip-show err-msg '("red"))
      (let ((info (cider-var-info function)))
        (if (null info)
            (pos-tip-show err-msg '("red"))
             (cider-docview-render (current-buffer) function info)
           nil nil nil 0))))))