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Finally, took a while to move to loading from git repos, because of a lot of problems in my init.el that didn't show up when getting packages from melpa for some reason. 😛


Hi. Does anyone have issues using figwheel with cider? It works extremely slow for me and errors never show up in emacs error buffer.


@achikin how do you use it? It usually works for me well. Also, I can see the warnings in cider repl e.g. if I use undeclared variable.


@jumar yes, I can see warnings in the repl, but I’d prefer to see them in the error window like with the clojure repl.


The other question - is it better/easier to go with the default rhino repl rather than figwheel? I have figwheel running as a separate process anyway, so what I need from the cider clojurescript repl is a better code completion and compile errors/warnings…