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@dpsutton I went on trying for some hours now, even removed all the traces of emacs from my computer and reinstalled everything again but already after the installation of spacemacs i get errors when reloading the config. After installing clojure and cider, the behavior is the same as before 😞 there seems to be no way to repair it


Guess the only thing i can do is use Cursive from now on


I could now get rid of all error messages popping up, but cider still doesn’t connect


Correction: I can now connect to a lein repl which i opened in the terminal through cider-connect. Only cider-jack-in still bugs 😄 i guess i can work with that for now


fwiw, I’ve scanned this thread and I saw mention of cider 0.15.1-SNAPSHOT and refactor-nrepl 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT… and I didn’t see a general summary of what else you’re running. Have you tried this with stable versions of, well, everything?


@gonewest818 I’m quite new to emacs so i don’t exactly know how to check versions. I am sure though that i tried with stable versions of emacs itself and spacemacs. No idea about cider though


@gonewest818 I use the builtin cider/clojure stuff from spacemacs