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Has anyone had issues with printing (both via println and via Timbre) being dropped some of the time when connected with CIDER? If I connect a REPL on the command line instead of via CIDER, all printing works as expected, so it appears to be related to CIDER in some way. If I directly eval a print form with CIDER, it prints the expected output in the *cider-repl localhost* buffer, but if a print form is included in a function body, nothing is printed. It's very odd.


I've narrowed the issue a bit more. It appears that out is only dropped after running cider-refresh. Any idea why that might be?


sounds like it could be an issue with binding. Are the printlns on different threads? If so the thread local bindings are probably different.


@U06HHF230 They may well be on different threads. Is cider-refresh expected to drop logging from other threads?