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Hello, I am currently doing an electron app in cljs. in my code there are few (cljs.nodejs/require "") like statements which works fine when I run the electorn app but I cannot make them run on cider. So when I try to use cider-eval-last-sexp the cider throws: org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: TypeError: Cannot call method "call" of undefined (rhino.clj#41 is there a way I can run require with cider ?


@dpsutton fyi I fixed my cider-connect issue with the boot cljs-repl with this

(defun -cider-cljs-repl-fixup ()
  (setq cider-repl-type "cljs")
  (plist-put (cider--connection-properties (cider-current-connection)) :type "cljs"))


Actually doesn’t work reliably accross all cljs buffers, any pointers appreciated!


Hey; I’m following (the new instructions re: NPM support and foreign libs). How do I do that in CIDER so that CIDER knows where to find e..g my vendored javascript?


I have a CLJS file for which, mysteriously, C-c C-x goes to the CLJ repl, not the CLJS repl. (Does it fine for another file,) Extension is .cljs. clojurescript-mode enabled.


mysteriously, restarting fixed it 🙂