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is there a way to have the cider repl to output / render dom/svg elements ?


so I want to have a sexp that returns a reagent component, then I want cider to, instead of displaying the data, render the element in a browser and display it


you essentially want figwheel, @qqq?


I don't want auto recompilation of cljs


I want a clj repl that can also display hiccup


they're two separate issues


@qqq that is an interesting idea, display hiccup in a browser? If so you could work in Dirac (Google dev tools for Cljs)


well, if it's returning a reagent component it would seem like it needs quite a bit of infrastructure to display, ie, all of the subscriptions, etc. so it would need to be in a clojurescript repl. then there would be the dependencies required like CSS. but newer versions of emacs have a webkit browser accessible to them so perhaps this would be possible. but quite a bit of code required to do so


@qqq proto-repl (atom plugin) could probably do something similar:


@dpsutton : you're right, reagent can contain functiknos/ code, hiccup is juust pure data right? let's say it returns hiccup, which I want to serialize to client and display


hiccup (i think) has a html function. and that should return some html and then you could use emacs to render that either by saving to a temp file and browsing the url of that file or working with the webkit stuff