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@dominicm so one of the things I tried in Jaunt was restricting clojure.core/get to associatives, and dropping the "everything is implicitly an empty associative" behavior which clojure.core features. This lead to the screenshotted exception many months ago which represents the result of trying to use get on a non-associative string which in Clojure would give you I believe null, but in Jaunt is a type error as shown. I suspect this us due to a subtle type/dataflow "error" in cider, but whether it's an error or intended behavior is up for debate. Jaunt has been abandoned by me so it's kinda a moot ticket unless diving into it uncovers some techdebt or weirdness in the associated data flow.


I don't suppose Jaunt changed any ordering did it? Even things that were ordered by coincidence?


There is a bug in complete, which would only make sense if the ordering was changed. I imagine it works in cider because the dependency graph always puts it early. Jaunt could have changed maps or something though.