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@dpsutton it's all working beautifully now 😀


Glad it worked out :)


I really like the eunuch plugin for vim; you can just type :Rename foo when visiting a buffer and it will take care of everything for you


Makes me wish all document-oriented programs worked that way


@mchampine Does renaming a file in dired cause the buffer with that file open to update itself?


I think the rename functionality is in clj-refactor, if dired has a hook in their rename it should be trivial to have that (and I'd be interested as well) 😀


Is there an equivalent command for M-. and M-, in evil-mode? Thanks in advance.


I don't know what they are bound to but i can help you find out. M-. is bound to cider-find-var and M-, is bound to cider-pop-back. You can find out the binding of these by M-x describe-function [ret] function-name. This screen should display the current key binding


Thanks for responding. So in evil-mode, M-. is bound to evil-repeat-pop-next not cider-find-var. So I guess I need to modify the current key binding?


i'm not sure. i don't know if that's a useful binding for you or not. if you want to preserve it you could bind cider-find-var elsewhere. I don't know how evil works and getting into normal mode, insert, etc. Best I can do is point out the functions you need


Anyone encountered this issue before?

Strangely, `cider-find-var` only seems to work in a Cljs buffer for some vars (e.g. `om/root`), while others (e.g. `om/component`) work in all buffers (e.g. `*scratch*`).


@jaerme , g g works for me


ah sorry, I'm using spacemacs and I'm not sure if that's the same in your case