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@dominicm it was easier for us to build a solution uniquely tailored to CIDER


I miss the good old days when were churning great new features like crazy - lately things have been happening pretty slowly as both me and @malabarba have had little time for open-source work


@bozhidar want to fork alembic to solve and i am thinking forking it into clojure-emacs org would make sense. the sole purpose of the fork would be to upgrade alembics dyna path dependency. no intention to maintain it. any objections re. forking it into clojure-emacs?


@U0HFRSY0M’s not responding to PRs? Project hasn’t been update din 3 yrs…


yup I created a PR but no reaction for more than a week now


also on a related note i need to namespace alembic on clojars to be able to release a forked version. thinking to use clojure-emacs/alembic


Just started getting an issue with the test report buffer when a test fails because of spec instrumentation: java.lang.ClassCastException: cider.nrepl.middleware.test$report cannot be cast to clojure.lang.MultiFn, compiling:(clojure/test/check/clojure_test.cljc:95:1). This used to work fine in this same project yesterday, has anyone seen this before?


I don’t recall us doing any changes of this functionality in quite a while


I figured, which is why I’m confused…


Ah there’s actually an open issue for this: