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I'm using cider / emacs. I'm also using outline mode, which changes the following into 'headings'

;;; level1
;;;; level2
;;;;; level3
etc ...
problem is: emacs font locking show them as comments, rather than as headings; is there a way I can disable all comement font faces in cider ?


Hello a new spacemacs/cider user here with a question. Is it possible to keep repl result overlays shown at the end of lines from disappearing immediately when moving cursor, or making changes to areas in other parts of the buffer?


Still having issues with this "I'm trying to get set up using cider for both clj and cljs development on an om-project that was shared with me . I was under the impression that doing cider-clojurescript-jack-in would give me two buffers for both clj and cljs repls. But whenever I do it it always just gives me a single one with just a clj buffer. From there I can run the (start-repl) and get to a browser connected cljs repl that works, but whenever I try to get one for each I get a stack trace saying that the address is already in use. I have my cider-boot-parameter as 'dev' and I have my cider-cljs-boot-repl set to weasel. I've banged my head on this too long so I thought I'd throw it out there and see if I could get some help so I can have both repl buffers set up and get back to learning a cider workflow in a cider, boot & om project. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.""