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so, i'm trying to debug some "wonkiness" in my REPL, i'm not sure whether it's cider related at all, but basically in the reloaded workflow, reset-all claims to be reloading certain files, while it's not actually picking up on the changes


what would be the best approach to debug this ? i have to confess that i'm a bit of a REPL noob, and only now (after 1 year of clojure) starting to force myself to work with it


that's basically what happens, and the changes are in, but i need to completely kill my repl server and restart it for it to pick up on them


@bozhidar I am out of ideas how to do the timestamps properly. I don't want to stick them into nrepl dictionaries, because this data was not in on the wire, so adding it is not good. Maybe put them after <-- / --> arrows, but "outside" of the dicts?


I haven't really given this much thought myself


@bhauman there aren't that many major differences between 0.11 and 0.15 (and by this I mean that an upgrade should be pretty painless)


@bozhidar: then I'm upgrading!