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hey, is there any way to search the latest version inside a project.clj file? It bums me up to always try to search, what about autocompleting a lib by searching in clojars? is there a way?


cider for lein injects tools-nrepl but excludes its clojure dependency. guessing i can not really do that with -E, right?


@benedek oh my god this is the hottest thing ever! all the commands are what I've been looking for. If I knew this before I wouldn't had chosen boot as my main tool


@benedek what about if autocomplete could search for all my libs before making me import a lib like


@benedek yes the option excludes the deps globally, doesn't it work with clojure? It can be that either they disabled the exclusion for it as it is of course a requirement or there is some bug. Also, the option IIRC just add an entry to the :exclusions clause of each dep. I am not 100% sure because micha beat me on that and implemented it 😀


this is related to cider handling deps for jacking in


so all deps related stuff should be dealt with via the CLI


global exclusions is not good for that. do you reckon it worths to bring this up in a github issue on boot