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(.println java.lang.System/out "12345") and don't see the output in repl buffer,did I set something wrong?


Something seems to have changed in the behaviour of my CIDER even though I've not changed any CIDER config or upgraded CIDER. I am guessing something else in my config is overriding something in CIDER. Anyway the issue is when I had multiple windows open and eval'ed something that caused a CIDER popup (like a stack trace or calling CIDER doc) the pop up window used to appear on top of one of the other windows which I preferred. Now the popup appears to split one of the existing windows. Any idea how I change this behaviour back?


i'm looking in the changelog and not seeing anything relevant to that, sorry


so it looks like at the bottom of a lot of stuff, cider is calling display-buffer in window.el, which has one of the gnarliest doc strings I've ever read


This gets called in cider-popup-buffer-display in cider-popup.el


I feel like I’ve seen both behaviors, with no apparent pattern.