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When Cider "Debug Top Level form" throws " Method code too large!" is it (more likely) too many forms, too many characters, or some other error? (It passes regular eval without debug.)


@bozhidar Hmmm… I’d like to configure CIDER to pop open the buffer, but not move my cursor. Any way to do that? (Currently I’m adding an advice to the function that’s called when it connects.)


@richiardiandrea well, the problem is that as soon as cider-boot-parameters isn't exactly repl -s wait, cider won't inject the middleware on jack-in anymore.


@zilti if you have a cider task that does it for you, then you're good anyways right?


@richiardiandrea well, then I can just put it into the global boot settings, but I was wondering why cider refuses to inject the dependencies when that variable is modified.


happy to look at this @zilti if you file an issue on github...


Do any of you know if Cider "Method code too large!" (when debugging) is only helped by reducing forms or if character count matters? My function was larger than I would have preferred, since it was a 4clojure solution best submitted as a single function, but still just 20 moderately dense lines with none over 80 characters.


Love Cider BTW!!!❤️ It definitely ROCKS! Thanks Bug and everyone who helps improve it.


there’s some issue report for this on github, @malabarba was looking into the problem but couldn’t come up with a solution as far as I remember


@radon file some issue for this; I don’t recall if we had support for this or not


too many config options 🙂


Yep. That's about the whole story 😞


Haven't figured out a way around it yet


The simple issue is that instrumenting code makes it much larger.


I think there are some optimizations that might improve this situation, but I haven't been able to explore the possibility


@bozhidar & @malabarba are you refering to my "Method code too large!"??? I wasn't really reporting a problem or complaining -- just asking what it takes to work around what seemed to be a limitation. If you want me to submit a function that causes it that would be easy since I still have it (and the slightly smaller version that doesn't cause the issue to manifest.)


I'm sure an issue in the tracker along with the code to reproduce would be immensely helpful


The only workaround I know of is to refactor the code that's of most interest to you into a separate function.


And yes, issues are helpful


But I think there's already an issue about that, so it's best to add your feedback to the existing issue


I felt like we were missing a cider emoji