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What is today's recommended workflow for using Clojure code in Org mode files? I am using Prelude, Cider, and Leiningen on Linux. I've found some posts online, but they are either old or are using many custom settings that may not be needed (or might even brake something). I do not need full-blown literate programming. I just need to make writing Clojure snippets in Org-mode as easy as possible when writing docs, presentations, blog posts, etc...


@bozhidar Is there any plan for including Org-mode and Cider integration in Prelude?


no, I don't have this on my roadmap, but I'm guessing that anyone can quickly add org-babel and whatever the matching clojure package is


I can confirm Clojure works fine with org-mode. If you need specific dependencies then put a project.clj in the same dir as your org file and cider-jack-in from there


Hope you don’t mind me asking on this channel. … I’m trying out clj-refactor and C-c RET seems to conflict between cljr and cider-macroexpand-1. Any pointers on how to get around this?


plexus: Do you use babel for that?


yes, org-babel, I guess the package is ob-clojure


@boz this is a know issue, this is why the README now suggest C-c C-m instead of C-c RET


if you want to use C-c RET anyway I guess you can unbind the key binding for cider-macroexpand-1