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How do I eval code in an org-mode document in my clojurescript-REPL instead of clojure-REPL


I'm thinking of diving back into the emacs/cider pool - any opinions on the best getting started guide or bundle for CLJS development?


@shaun-mahood: To minimize your pain with setting up a project.clj correctly, you may want to try It should work completely out-of-the-box (see the README).


(Disclaimer: I’m the author.)


@radon: Oh that looks great - I will definitely use that as a reference once I get emacs set up. It looks like you are running the REPLs from terminal - does it still work nicely if running the REPLs from cider?


Oh wow I have no idea how I missed that 🙂


Any opinions on getting Emacs going? The 3 guides I know of are the one from Brave Clojure, Prelude, and Emacs Live - last time I got emacs working for clojure development was a couple years ago and I want to get started from scratch again with something simple for a non-emacs user.


Hmmm… well, obviously I am biased toward my own setup:


It’s extremely well documented, so it probably wouldn’t be too hard to pick out the parts that are relevant to you.


I use but this obviously only works if you are on a Mac.


I’ve heard good things about Spacemacs but never tried it. It does change a lot of default functionality, though.


I actually started out with, but it was kind of decrepit and bloated, so I basically reimplemented the best parts from scratch, hence


For getting started with basics, C-h t for the tutorial is nice.


Going to be putting it on a mac to start, then replacing the config on my windows machine once I get it working nicely. Pretty much will only be used for Clojure.


Well, I do have a setup script for Macs, but I haven’t gotten to making it modular (i.e. you can just install Emacs dotfiles) yet.


Thanks, I'll take a look at those as I'm figuring all this out.


@shaun-mahood: if you are keen on premade packages and modular things, Emacs Live is good. There are submodules for all the dependency so that you can decide (manually) the commit you want to be at


I found this an interesting way of staying out of melpa breaking updates


The downside is that I have to maintain my own fork, but I got used to it now


@richardiandrea: Thanks, I really like the idea of avoiding breaking updates - what have you had to do as far as maintaining your own fork?


if you want I can make it a proper master branch and you can fork from mine, I have upgraded most of the packages to latest stable


together with this Emacs Live provides a way to specify custom packages, which I keep in another repo so that from time to time I can PR to Emacs Live something


but the above is more of a "custom" packaging


@richiardiandrea: Don't do any extra work on my account, I'm still investigating options - I find emacs pretty daunting still and am not sure exactly how deep I want to go down the rabbit hole.


ahah no problem, I actually had in mind at some point of coming out with an Emacs Live "official" fork...but Sam Aaron is still doing a pretty good job at keeping it updated


as many people may have told you, once you get used to all the shortcuts, you won't go back to "normal" editors 😄


Last time I was using emacs I had to buy a new keyboard to prevent carpal tunnel, I've since built an ergodox with the idea that I can customize it specifically for emacs and clojure shortcuts 🙂


You could also try something like evil-mode or ergoemacs.


I don’t have any experience with them, though.