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Hi everyone. New to the channel. For some reason, I am now getting a java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException whenever I try to jack-in. It has worked for me in the past. I am running on Arch. Can anyone help?


Additional info... Exception thrown at clojure.lang.LispReader, at clojure.lang.Compiler, subprocess failed


@jaerme: maybe some residual in the profile config?


Hi, can anybody help: I have a nREPL with figwheel connected to cider, works just fine. Whenever I’m in in CLJS file and evaluate s-expression - it works, it returns, everything is great. But when I’m in CLJC file I cannot do anything - cider always says

cider-eval-last-sexp needs a Clojure REPL.
If you don’t know what that means, you probably need to jack-in (C-c M-j)
same happens when I’m in CLJ file, so is there any way how to tell cider to use the existing CLJS connection? I don’t have anything else and I’ve checked already that it’s a default one


Opps, sorry, never mind - for some reason compiled JS file wasn’t loaded by figwheel that’s why cider wasn’t able to eval on it


Nope, even more weird - when I type a function name I have a hint on the bottom about function arguments, etc., so it looks like it got it right. But still once I try to eval it - cider-eval-last-sexp needs a Clojure REPL.


OH, I’ve activated clojurescript-mode and regardless of a warning that the mode is wrong the whole thing works!


@bozhidar: I have just watched your Clojure/West 2016 presentation. It's probably THE most entertaining tech talk I've ever watched! I'm proud to be from the Balkans 🙂 Благодаря!