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@jasonjckn: I've seen that too. The work around in to just load the namespace with C-c C-k. Though it would be nice to fix properly


I'm new to emacs. Following Clojure for Brave and True. I want to update to the latest cider. How can I do that? Wasn't able to find anything re updating via google


Just delete whatever version you have and install it via the package menu


And you'll probably want to remove any configure you added to project.clj. Those are not necessary any more


I really like how the result of a an evaluated form is displayed inline in my buffer. Is it possible to get an exception value or some notification when an exception occurs inline in my buffer the same way instead of in the repl buffer?


malabarba: thank you; I'm just using LightTable for now while I learn the language. When I tried installing cider it said that it couldn't find the package (I tried a few things; same issue). I don't want to waste any more time tooling at this point, but will probably try cider again in a couple of weeks.


vinnyataide: yeah it's called format


Is it possible to make CIDER show any messages from starting up the REPL in the *cider-repl* buffer? If an error occurs and some namespaces can’t be required, I’d like to see that error message at the top of *cider-repl* without manually switching to the *nrepl-server* buffer.