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There's not much to do then. Just hit c to skip that. There's an open issue about automatically skipping the schema evaluations when debugging.


Am I supposed to be able to cider-connect to any kind of nREPL server? Are there any prerequisites? I haven’t figured out how to connect to an nREPL server launched using the Maven Clojure plugin - nothing shows up under localhost when I try cider-connect. The nREPL is running the cider-nrepl middleware.


@jstaffans: yes. Any server will do. But you might not get full functionality if the server is not using the cider-nrepl middleware


Cider has no way of guessing the port with Maven


You'll just have to type the port yourself


Ah, of course! I'm so used to cider knowing the port automatically that it didn't occur to me to type it in