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ah i have a hunch that my elisp that saves files when i leave buffers is kicking in here


Is there any support for test selectors in cider? ( It would be nice to specify which kinds of tests to run, for example when running cider-auto-test-mode.


@bvulpes: hm… if a buffer is open for a given file we do save. however, if the file is not open (no buffer for it) we open it non interactively, temporarily and do not run the clojure-mode hook for it. see cljr—update-file macro for details


cider-debug was working for a few days, and now I get a "Sync nREPL request timed out” after C-u C-M-x and cider hangs.


This happens after you don’t select ‘c’ on the form’s debug options, and move onto another file to eval the code that debugs this form. The problem doesn’t occur if you do select ‘c', and cider-debug is set. However, cider-debug doesn’t always enable debug but starts debugging the form right away. This is an incorrect behavior. In 0.11.0, I remember there was no such redundant pop being shown after C-u C-M-x.