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Hi everyone! I've got a potential feature request for CIDER but I'd first like to get some input before I submit it. Basically, when writing (partial fn ...), CIDER uses eldoc to display the function signature of partial in the minibuffer, as it does for all other Clojure functions. However, I find that partial is a very particular case as more often than not I'm interested in the signature of the function that's being partial-ed, rather than the partial function itself. Was just wondering if I'd be the only one who would find it useful for CIDER to adopt this specific behaviour where partial is concerned.


this would be nice after all higher order functions like map etc


silly support question (i'm brand-spanking-new to emacs). i followed the Brave Clojure guide for installing cider and can successfully launch a repl, but none of my clojure files indent. new lines always start at col 0. where's a good place to start diagnosing?


solved. adding the following to init.el seems to have fixed it

(global-set-key (kbd "RET") 'newline-and-indent)


before I spend too much time messing with it, can someone tell me if it's possible to get nodejs/cljs/cider all working together?


looking at cider code, answer is yes. but I actually never tried


I were surprised today with the way cider chose REPL for particular buffer, seems like it depends on :cljsbuild settings in project.clj


so, I had cljs files in my project and called C-c M-J, when my *.cljs buffer I pressed C-c C-z and emacs got me into CLJ buffer.


adding :cljsbuild into project.clj solved the issue


not sure, is that bug or feature simple_smile


ok thanks for the feedback