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And it should be said emacs doesn't have opengl rendering


So if your vector graphics are very heavy it'll likely be impractical to use


As the only way emacs knows to display them is by converting to png


yes, I'll probably pre-generate it to png if I go that route.


another option is that I somehow control outside Swing window (rendered by opengl processing/quil run from the repl) using keybindings from emacs.


If you're on Linux it should be easy to close the swing window from Emacs, by sending commands to your WM


I am on Linux, and closing is not an issue, since the Swing window is started from repl. I was hoping to be able to control the display of the plot with emacs keybindings (zooming, rotating, etc.)


Oh my. Good luck with that. 😁


fortunately, it's a nice extra and not something that I absolutely need, so it will be fun when I get to that part simple_smile


Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone uses cider-jack-in-clojurescript with Figwheel? I use the side car API to launch the CLJS REPL after jacking in but then I lose CIDER goodness in my .clj files and need to spin up another REPL to get it back. Just a tad annoying, not unworkable or anything.