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Joe Lane04:12:47

Hi friends, just wanted to say I love cider. Especially the new debugging tools, they are AWESOME!

Joe Lane04:12:09

Quick question though, How can I pin cider to version 0.10.0 ?

Joe Lane04:12:47

I have cider-nrepl set to 0.10.0 and cider set to 0.11.0-snapshot and emacs yells at me saying WARNING: CIDER's version (0.11.0-snapshot) does not match cider-nrepl's version (0.10.0). Things will break!

Joe Lane04:12:06

I cant figure out how to drop cider back to any particular version. Advice?


I too am trying to drop back to cider 0.10.0, and having trouble with the emacs package manager. This is something that ought to be easy but I can't find a recipe anywhere.


lanejo01 and m_traven - you might want to try pinning cider to MELPA Stable, covered here in the wiki:


(if you’re using package.el, that is)


That didn't work for me at first, now it is, yay. Seems like there should be an easy way in the emacs package system to designate a specific version number, rather than relying on whatever the library server thinks is latest.


I don’t think it has that capability yet, but it is open source software 😉