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I've just upgrade to cider 0.10.0 and I'm getting the following error when I try cider-jack-in :

cider-project-type: Symbol's function definition is void: clojure-project-dir
FYI: I'm using clojure-mode 5.0.1 and clojure-mode-extra-font-locking 5.0.1 Any ideas?


Forget it. Just needed a restart. When in doubt, switch it off and back on again!


Does anyone use the diff feature for test output?


With any success?


It actually compares the top form, e.g the expected part with the string (parse basic-heading-document).


I’m using the latest cider release and M-x cider-restart fails with Wrong type argument: stringp, nil. Anyone else experiencing this?

Chris O’Donnell22:12:29

@jonas: Ironically, I get Sync nREPL request timed out if I try cider-restart or cider-quit. I do get your error if I try to look up documentation with cider-doc, though.

Chris O’Donnell22:12:57

Wow, my repl is not working at all now.

Chris O’Donnell22:12:50

Never mind. Bumped versions around and it's working now (but still get the timeouts on cider-restart and cider-quit).