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Here's a basic emacs/cider question from someone who has used emacs for a long time but is still (and forever) an emacs noob simple_smile My favorite cider feature is C-c C-p where the result of the evaluated expression is pretty printed in *cider-result*. I would like the font size of *cider-result* to be the same as the code buffer. Is this possible? I can increase the font size of *cider-result* but when I hit C-c C-p it's reset to its default value.


I take it you've changed the size with C-x C-+?


@jonas: If you increase the font-size globally with (set-face-attribute 'default nil :height 160) then they should always be the same


@malabarba: yes, I use C+x C-+


If you need to increase the font only locally in the code buffer, then it's still possible to keep them in sync, but it'll take some hacking on your part. 😉


Thanks (set-face-attribute 'default nil :height 160) works fine!

Michael Griffiths21:08:49

@jonas @malabarba zoom-frm is good for easy per-buffer or per-frame font size adjustment, but unfortunately it's only available on the wiki -