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hello @bozhidar! I've added the commits to PR but I see This branch has conflicts that must be resolved message. Is it my responsibility to work around this, or you usually handle such issues by yourself? I just haven't been in such situation before..


zarkone: so on your repo, pull down the latest changes to CIDER main's master and merge your branch against the CIDER master branch whatever name that is


so on my repo I have the remote "upstream" for the official repo and use "origin" for my fork, so you'd check out whatever your working branch is, do a git fetch --all, then git merge upstream/master


@arrdem: thanks. i'm just afraid it will drop all the discussion, isn't it?


@zarkone: no the discussion will persist as long as you do a merge. if you rebase then yes the discussion can become dissociated from the changes you've made.


oh, yes, the merge just add one "Merge" commit, sure. ok then, thanks for helping. I just have not a lot experience with git + a few people in repo simple_smile


Sure no problem. Yeah you just have to merge and push that merge.


bozhidar: before he goes to all this effort are you a merge or rebase shop


@zarkone: it’s also a preference of mine to squash all related commit together


meaning that after doing changes you should do git rebase -i origin/master followed by git push -f


yes, i've got it -- other case, there would be too long commit history, as I understood. Especially with all this my typo commits.