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Hi, some updates about Chlorine and Clover: I'm really thinking about removing a feature that is present since the first days of Chlorine/Clover, and it's really getting into my nerves: the ellision of big collections and maps (probably I'll just keep for lists, but increase the size). The reason for that is, primarily, because I am rewriting the rendering infrastructure to allow for more flexibility and maybe even VSCode inline support in the future. But is HARD to get it right, because everything can be "cut short" by this feature (it's on UNREPL, I'll probably need to get rid of it in the source).


So, for more information: We currently have this code active, and it means that sometimes, for big maps, we get this: {:a 1, :b 2, ...} (the ... makes a REPL request to get more data)


The problem is that it also happens on exceptions, so sometimes your stacktrace is also ellided: like

Error:  Null Pointer Exception
at: my/big/file/path/to... :201


This makes stacktraces un-clickable. But it gets worse, because sometimes we don't even get the right object at all: everything is ellided. This is getting really complicated to keep track, exceptionally when trying to get the code more generic 😞


Would it show whole stack traces?


Yes, please get rid of the elisions!


Sean's enthusiastic response answer my question, I think. So yeah, get rid of em' 🙂


Full speed ahead 🙂👍