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Hi, I'm looking at providing a #portal vs-code extension that runs the UI directly in vs-code. To make things super seamless, I was wondering if there was a way I could leverage a user's existing clover repl connection to execute some setup code? I can do something like:

(-> (.executeCommand vscode/commands "clover.evaluate-block")
    (.then (fn [result] (prn result))))
but that depends on the block of code a user has selected. Is there a more programatic way to leverage the clover repl from another vs-code extension?


Most VS Code users work with Calva and nREPL so you can't rely on either of them being present by default.


That's true, I was hoping to get something working with clover first then try calva. Then have logic in the portal extension that tries to find a repl extension.


The main issue is I need a connection to the repl to coordinate host/port information