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Rowan Barnard10:03:15

I really hope that's not going to be a normal thing with VSCode, I remember when I first installed it some months ago and I tried out the beginners' code playground thing they show off on their site, and I almost immediately find that what I was typing in wasn't properly evaluating, so I filed a bug and they fixed it in their next release. It must have been a regression since their videos show that feature working in earlier releases. Maybe these are just isolated cases but it does not give me a great impression of the quality control especially considering it's widespread use now.

Rowan Barnard10:03:00

Ah sorry for the spam, I didn't realize the conversation had moved on 😅 Was commenting on the earlier statement where Mauricio said VSCode had broke the autoscroll.


Don't worry. Yeah, VSCode plug-in API is very opinionated on what it expects you to be able to do... push the limits, and here be monsters 👾