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Is it possible have the clover output to automatically scroll on new results?


I also have trouble getting the eval commands to work with cljs. I have the app running in the browser as you suggested, @mauricio.szabo. I do Chlorine: Connect Socket Repl and I can then see popup to tell me that the socket connection has been made. Then I do Chlorine: Connect Embedded and see the main namespace printed out twice in the repl tab. But when I then try Chlorine: Eveluate Block I get an error message telling me that the repl is not connected. I forgot to mention I’m using the shadow-cljs with the minimal web app example they have in their readme.


@bertofer I'm still not able to figure out why it's not working. VSCode changed something that broke autoscroll 😞


Thanks for the answer, good to know it’s not just me.


On Chlorine, it works but mostly because I know how the view is organized


@kiemdoder do you have a repository with this app? I'll try to debug this issue


If it's printing the main namespace, it should be working...


@kiemdoder never mind, just found out the example. It's indeed failing....


With experimental features turned on, it's working.


@bertofer, @kiemdoder, found a bug on the connection. It'll be fixed with this PR:

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