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William Skinner18:10:10

Is there a way to "paste" the value of a var into the atom editor? Looking for a shortcut to printing it, selecting it and copy pasting into the editor.


I used to have a hot key for that in my atom-chlorine-setup but I wasn't using it very often so I removed it. Not sure if that was with the old API or the new one...


Can't find it in my history, sorry 😞


@skinner89 You can do these operations separately today. Do you want something that will do this automatically? I believe with Chlorine you can go until the "copy to clipboard" part


My customization used to do the eval and then insert the value as a comment into the editor -- not sure if the editor API exposed to the cljs/sci stuff still supports an "insert" operation @mauricio.szabo?

William Skinner19:10:54

I just found that clipboard button @mauricio.szabo. That much easier than dragging a selection around the value manually at least!

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