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I’m not exactly sure where to start with this one: errors when saving .cljc files. This happens regardless of which file this is, when evaluation is set to prefer-clj or clj. When set to full refresh, the error is "Could not locate clojure/tools/namespace/repl__init.class, clojure/tools/namespace/repl.clj or clojure/tools/namespace/repl.cljc on classpath."
When set to simple, the error is
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: "No value supplied for key: true"
It appears to happen when there are #?(:cljs in the requires part of the ns declaration. When those are removed, it seems to work.


For example,

   [clojure.string :as string]
   [com.rpl.specter :as sp]
   #?(:cljs [goog.dom :refer [getElement]])
   #?(:cljs [goog.dom.Range :refer [createCaret]])))


Well, that's not expected. Let me see if I can reproduce it... The first problem is probably because you don't have on the classpath


Is it generally recommended to have it on the classpath?


For Chlorine, if you want to use "full refresh" (on save or not), it is required. To be honest, I'm thinking about removing all refresh-related code: it's easier (and more configurable) to do it by custom configurations...


(also, you can disable "refresh namespaces on save", it's a config on the plug-in)


(I generally recommend everyone turns off the refresh stuff 🙂 )


Oh, OK! What’s your workflow for reloading the code? Just load-file?


@U06B8J0AJ I evaluate every change as I make it -- usually with "evaluate top-level block" -- I don't even bother saving the files while I'm working and evaluating changes.


Same here . The REPL reloading stuff is a headache - I gave it a couple of tries, but quite happy with either eval-ing forms or the entire buffer.


For some things I don't bother with editor integration and I simply use (require '[...] :reload) or (require '[...] :reload-all), from a REPL. This is not my day to day setup, but it works effectively. The simplest tooling one can have

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