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(cross-posting from #rebl for those who care): In case anyone is on Windows, using WSL 1 (like me!), if you want to run REBL on WSL, you can install and set `export DISPLAY=` (on WSL 2, the host has a different IP to localhost), and then `clj -A:rebl:test:socket` (using my `dot-clojure` repo) will start up REBL in the current directory with test dependencies and a Socket REPL on port 50505, so you can connect Atom/Chlorine to it (which knows how to map Windows filesystem paths to WSL `/mnt/<drive>` paths). (edited)  Just tested this on my old Dell XPS 12, with the very latest Cognitect dev-tools (`com.cognitect/rebl {:mvn/version "0.9.241"}`) -- very happy to be able to use this setup


(this means I no longer have to worry about Powershell!)