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Yes, unfortunately Chlorine development is a little bit slower for now, lots of thing needing my attention, but I believe this issue will be simple to fix. Or, at least, I hope so đŸ˜†

Rowan Barnard00:08:50

OK submitted as: Unparseable code error failing to result in any error message being presented #207

Rowan Barnard00:08:26

Going out for lunch now, wish everyone a great day đŸ˜‰


@flyingpython all right, found the problem... the issue is not exactly on parsing the number, but on parsing the top-level form


(to be honest, I don't know how's the right way to solve this issue đŸ˜„. To be able to identify where blocks start/end in Clojure, I need to somehow parse the code... currently I'm using rewrite-cljs to do most of the job, and when I can't find a form I just ignore it and continue with the new form. In this case, the code (valid-isbn 05967) is failing to parse, and it's being ignored. For example, if you try to select the whole block and run Evaluate Selection, it behaves as expected (shows an error "Invalid number: 05967")


Perhaps popup a warning when you can't identify a block to be evaluated?


Yes maybe that'll help. Or can confuse even more users because they can see the block but Chlorine can't đŸ˜… Maybe I'll publish the next version with it, and if it ends being confusing, I remove on a later release :)


"Unable to parse expression at cursor" ?